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Our Cashunt Atlanta scavenger hunt games continue to be one of the best city scavenger hunt ideas in the country.  Our games provide our scavengers a fun, and comedically competitive Atlanta city hunt game experience.  We are sure our Atlanta adventures will have you and your guests talking about their experience for a long time! Our games are designed into showcasing the best and cool parts of Atlanta. It doesn't matter if you are having a Atlanta bachelorette party, team building outing, birthday party, or just a fun alternative to do with friends and family all our games provide something for everyone!    Come out and play!

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What is a Cashunt Hybrid Scavenger Hunt?

A. Our Hybrid Scavenger Hunt is an outdoor game activity that combines an digital submissions via a scavenger app as with practical game materials, to give you the ultimate scavenger hunt experience. The object to the game is to collect as many points as you can by doing the variety of comically competetive challenges within the given time in order to win our Seasonal Collectible Cashunt medals. Memories will be made at every step :)

Do you need to know the Atlanta in order to play?

A. All our games are out of state friendly and is also on foot. With that said you do not need to know the area to play.

What types of Scavenger Hunts do you have?

We have Scavenger Hunts for all types of events, we have scavenger hunts for adults, scavenger hunts for kids as well as seasonal games ie: Christmas Scavengers Hunts. etcWe have games for everyone!

How far of a radius does it cover?

A. Downtown Portsmouth NH

How do you break up the Teams?

A. Very simple anything under 16 players (2 Teams) after that every 8 players we create additional teams

How much in advance do we need to contact you in order to reserve a game?

A. The sooner the better, we tend to get very busy. We normally need a couple of weeks in advance so we can start customization of your game.

How Long does it take you to tabulate the scores?

A. The Results are Instant! Because all the scoring is conducted in realtime, not only will you know how is your team scoring you will also know how the opposition is! After your two hours are done you will know automatically who has won!

 Are There Prizes?

A. Absolutely! Our Collectible Premium Cashunt Annual Season Medals

It indicates we get all the photos and videos...Are they Free?

A. We wouldn't have it anyway :) Absolutely Free for Download and Sharing and are up for 3 Months!!

What if the weather is not cool?

A. All our games are played rain or shine or you can reschedule.

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