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The Ultimate Customized Bachelorette Game Experiences For 22 Years!

bachelor vs bachelorette scavenger hunt
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Jack & Jill


The Classic Battle Of The Sexes Before The Alter!

Who will win Team Bride or Team Groom?

Cashunt's Bachelor vs Bachelorette provides a fully customized joint bachelor bachelorette party scavenger hunt experience that will bring fun, laughs, & great memories for everyone playing! So if it is a joint bachelor vs bachelorette party idea that you are thinking about. Look no further ;) With that said we are confident that you all will be sharing stories from your experience for years to come :)

A Fully Customized Duel Game Event!

Cashunt Bachelorette vs. Bachelor Scavenger Hunt Game Locations










Our Classic Bachelorette Competition That Started It all! Are You Looking To Laugh, Compete, Have Fun and Create Great Memories? Look No Further!

Before the Wedding Party starts celebrating the couples big day...why not compete against each other for the ultimate wedding party scavenger hunt throwdown!




Your Cashunt Bachelor / Bachelorette City Scavenger Hunt Will Be Customized Around The Couple .  All We Need Is A Little Information From You And We Take Care Of The Rest.  So As You Scavenge Around Your City Location.. You Should Be Up On Your Knowledge Of The Couple ;)



All Of Our Games Also Come With Premium Collectible Annual Cashunt Medals For Our Winners, All The Photos and Videos To Your Event Are Completely FREE For All The Players. As Well  A Professional Seasoned Game Coordinator During Your Game Experience as Well Premium Packaged Game Materials and Device For During Your Game



The Mission With All Our Games Has Been To Showcase All The Cool Places That We Host! That Way Not Only Are You Playing Your Joint Bachelor / Bachelorette City Scavenger Hunt Game Experience But You Are Exposed To Historic, Contemporary, Public Art, and City Oddities That You Would Not Have Experienced Before.


Q. Do you need to know the area  in order to play?

A. Nope! All our games are out of state friendly and have catered to clients from out of the state as well as internationally. Keep in mind all our games take place in the downtown area of the given host city

Q. How far of a radius does it cover?

A. Roughly a one mile radius from the start location ( keep in mind you don't have to go that far if you don't want to.  All on foot no need for public transit)

Q. How do you break up the Teams?

A. Very simple anything under 16 players (2 Teams) after that every 8 players we create additional teams

Q. How Long does it take you to tabulate the scores?

A. For 2 Teams 20 to 30min for additional teams 40 to 1hr depending on size . But you can grab a bite near by and we will come to you for the final results.  If it is a smart version of our game the scoring is done in realtime as you are playing, you will know the winner at the conclusion of your game

Q.  Are There Prizes?

A. Absolutely! Our Collectible Premium Cashunt Annual Season Medals

Q. It indicates we get all the photos and videos...Are they Free?

A. We wouldn't have it anyway :) Absolutely Free for Download and Sharing and are up for 3 Months!!

Q. What if we are short a player the day of the event?

A. Simple we don't charge you for them for  a traditional game / Does not apply for the Smartphone version of our games

Q. Is there a deposit?

A. Yes, that is deducted from the final bill remainder is collected at the end of the game. If it is a smartphone version it would need to be paid in full 24hrs Prior to your game.

Q. What if the weather is not cool?

A. We don't pay attention to the 5 or 7 day forecast however we do look at it 24 hrs prior.  If the weather is not looking favorable it's up to you (Play, Reschedule, or possibly cancel) Yes people have played in showers but that was on their own decision

Q. What is the availability?

A.We host games all year round 7 Days a Week:  Spring / Summer  Hours : Games Start At the Top Of Each Hour 10am to 5pm  | Fall/ Winter 10am to 2pm .  Always recommended to call in advance for availability especially weekends.

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