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How To Write A Cool Scavenger Hunt!


How to Write A Scavenger Hunt

Once in a while, there are times when people call us and prior to booking a game they mentioned that they tried to create their own scavenger hunt but found it really difficult. Since that found it dificult they decided to approach and go with a professional scavenger hunt company. With that said I can definitely understand that being that I’ve been producing games now for the past 20 years and indeed and can be tricky. Especially when we try to find new innovative ways to constantly try to reinvent our games to always keep it fresh. However to create your own game  it’s not that difficult, it just takes a little time, a little creativity, and don’t ever be afraid to ask a friend to give you a hand on helping you put it together. 

What I’m going to do today is show you how to create a fun and simple scavenger hunt for points that you could host to your family and friends in just a few steps. It’s rather simple to create clues for a scavenger hunt, that would include riddles for your scavenger hunt, as well as a clue treasure hunt. That’s how I did it many years ago before Cashunt became a business.

First things first, are you going to create a themed scavenger hunt?

 A themed scavengers hunt could be based on a season such as Halloween, an Egg Hunt, or a Holiday related type of event. Or do you want to make it a game that utilizes a downtown area? The truth of the matter is is there’s no specific blueprint on how you create your own clue scavenger hunt, it’s however you want to create it.  Remember a scavenger hunt is a concept... it all depends on what ingredients you are going to put in your recipe in your scavenger hunt riddles.

And if you think you’re not creative, well think again :-)

Set Your Time Length

The next thing that you want to consider is how long do you want your Hunt to be? Do you want it to be a 1hr game or do you want to do it which would be the standard two hours? Personally depending on the area of where you will hold your game it should be no more than 90 minutes to 2 hours. That is if you are using a downtown or city area that will play the role of your scavenger hunt "Game Board". If you’re doing it around your house or a local park an hour should be plenty.  However it might be very tricky

Scout Your “Game Board" 

After you have set your time, you want to do is scout the area that will be your playing field. If it’s downtown area look for specific things, such as buildings, statues, public art, town oddities, weird structures, etc.  When you have gathered at least 25 to 50 locations create a photo scavenger hunt in your game where players need to find these locations photograph themselves with the said photo challenge or location for proof to earn their points. You can provide them cameras or just make it simple on yourself and have them take the photos on their phones.  


Create Trivia Challenges Using Your Surroundings

Also look for locations in and around the area that would be great trivia locations that not only will the players go there to answer the question for points but also learn something along the way. 


Hide Some Points Here and There

The last bonus challenge you want to include in your scavenger hunt is to look for cool non-dangerous hiding places where you could hide points that the teams would need to find to enhance their point value. You can simply print out a variety of points from your computer cut them out and hide them.  In order for the teams to find them type up some vague but not too hard of clues as to where you have hidden them.

You Just Created Your Hunt

You now have three key scavenger hunt challenges that will keep the teams busy. 

Of course you can also add other small challenges such as  video challenges. For example ie:10 second exercise class with members of the public, a mannequin challenge, etc. The key should ultimately be that the challenges should be easy, non-offensive, outdoors, and non-dangerous. That way it is something that everyone can play. Refrain from using establishments as locations for your game. There are plenty of places you can use outdoors there are clearly open to the public and interesting. Sometimes people use malls for their games, truth is you can’t so avoid it.

Once you gather all your information type it up and print it out. At that point send out your invitations to your guests and get ready for a fun scavenger hunt experience. 

When it’s game day set your rules which are pretty simple. The key thing to note when you give your instructions is you want to indicate prior to the game that there is no order on how to play your challenges. They can play any part of your game within the time allocated, because that will create a team building and strategic atmosphere. With the objective being as a team with the most points wins.

Counting Points

Speaking of points how should you approach that? My answer quite simply is as easy as possible. Make easy photo locations a small point total and interesting point locations a higher point total such as 10 points for easy locations 50 points for interesting locations. The same should apply to your trivia and whatever other challenges you decide to include in your scavenger hunt. Keep the point totals even because that way it’s going to be a lot easier when you count points. 10 , 20, 50 , 100 etc

How to detrermine how many teams

The teams should be no smaller than three people and no larger than eight. Also determine how many teams you wanna have. The more the teams the longer it’s gonna take you to count points, unless you have help. 


The last question I get is what would I recommend for awards. In this case it’s all about having fun so just visit your local party city and find some fun and maybe funny prizes to give to your first, second and third place teams.

So there you have it! Just some quick pointers on creating a simple scavenger hunt clue game. It might sound a little overwhelming, but it really isn’t. Just have fun with it and look for inspiration while you are creating, it all around you! However if you ever need us to create us a game for you we’re always available click here . Thank you :-)