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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!

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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!


There Are So Many Things You Can Flip Nowadays!

I need to make some extra money! Have you ever heard yourself ever saying that? Or maybe it's a friend, family member, etc. saying that ?  I am sure you have, but there are plenty of ways to create a side hustle that can make you some extra money without ever leaving your home and I still do it to this day, and it's called "flipping".  Am I talking flipping homes? No, even though those two words are usually married to one another, there are many things you can flip other than real estate. ( Which is not a bad side hustle by the way ;)  )

    What am I talking about you may ask?  Well let's start by looking around your home is there anything you could logically say to yourself that you could easily part ways with?  toys, books, tech, silverware, coffee cups, tools, cell phones, art, etc?  I am sure there are :) Don't look too far from your basement or attic because you might be sitting on something that could be worth a lot more than you think in the secondary market.  So how would you be willing to know? Well, with something that has been around for a very long time and that is Ebay.

   The process is simple, all you would do is simply gather up what you want to sell, go to Ebay and click at the top right of the screen (advanced) and then type the item you want to sell and hit sold items.  Right there you will know exactly as to what the item is that you are trying to sell, sold for.  At that point you can build your foundation as to what you want to sell and make some nice extra cash for a trip, payoff a bill, or to let your bank account grow.  Not bad huh? Yep and all that stuff is in your own home :)

   What happens when you are tapped out of what you want to sell from your house...what's next?  Well at this point you might have a knowledge of something you are familiar with that you might want to pursue to resell (collectibles, tech, household items, toys, etc) do your research and search for outlets to find them.   I am sure your question is at this point.."Ok, Chris that sounds great but where?"  well once again its right under your nose ;)

     Do you ever wonder why yard sales start so early on a Saturday or Sunday morning?  Don't you find it a bit odd?  Well its really not that odd at all, because a lot of people that are holding these yard sales know that buyers start very early in the morning and map out their route to hit as many yards sales as they can in one given day.  The truth is some of those people that are holding the yard sale at most times are completely unaware of what they are "getting rid off" where the "flipper" is completely aware and are looking for scores.


    Once you know what it is that you want to flip, hit these yard sales early with a poker face.   Now will you find what you are looking for at every single yard sale? Of course not, however you will find something at one of them I am sure.  Do you best negotiating and buy it at a steal and flip will be amazed at what your return profit might be.   Word to the wise do not let your guard down and let the yard seller know.  They will take it off their table and try to see what the interest is all about and try to flip it themselves. ( Note: There is a FREE yard sale app that tells you about the surrounding yard sales in your area and what they are selling ;) also search for Estate sales  ;) )


    The other places you could go especially if you are in the collectibles market (sports card, comics, etc) is at trade shows.  BUYER BEWARE:  This is really where you have to do some heavy, heavy research and homework because a lot of these sellers are also flippers.  You never what to be in a situation where you buy something over priced and sell it and make a peanut of a profit.  A lot of the collectibles market is based on speculation which can drive a market on a collectible sky high ( film announcement, rookie, etc)  So if you have a feel on a spec and want to buy it for a long term investment go right ahead and sell it down the road.  Not everyone is looking for long term investments in the collectibles market that want the quick fix.  So please do me a favor if you do not have knowledge about this it and walk into collectibles stores and ask the store owners how to start.

   Now I can go on and on about this little side hustle, I still do it on the side and love it.  There is so many avenues you can take, and there is no better feeling than scoring on an item that was sitting in your basement for  years.  So before you send all that stuff to salvation army, do yourself a favor and look it up..because you might be getting rid of something..that is worth more than you think.  Oh by the way don't think that flippers are not going into Salvation Army stores as well.

Now run to you basements ;) Good Luck!