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4 Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Wedding Parties

  • When it comes to scavenger hunts and wedding parties that has been our strong suit for 20 years. As a matter of fact if it wasn’t for our customized bachelorette scavenger hunts back in 2000, there might not have ever been a Cashunt company today…real talk. Our wedding party scavenger hunt games were the anchor that kicked off this crazy ride we have been on for the past 20 Years.  So here I am going to provide you with what are the top 4 wedding party scavenger hunt ideas to plan for your family and friends!

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1. Clean, Fun, and Competetive Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

When it comes to bachelorette parties and scavenger hunts they have gone hand and hand for many years. However there always has been skepticism by players about what takes place.  Yes there have been shady versions of this type of scavenger hunt, but most bachelorette scavenger hunts are very clean such as ours.  With that said if you are looking for a fun and competitive scavenger hunt for your bridesmaids this is your game. This type of wedding themed scavenger hunt  includes a variety of fun scavenger hunt ideas challenges. Some of them being a wedding photo scavenger hunt, video scavenger hunt, wedding treasure hunt, customized bachelorette challenges and so much more!    

Cashunt’s Bridal Dash

* A multi-tem photo scavenger hunt of fun actions as well as fun locations, that way you are creating a fun scrapbook of this special day.

Comical Video Challenges

* Have fun trivia about the bride that the teams would need to answer about the bride

* A treasure hunt of Cashunt coins that are hidden around the area that teams would need to find for extra points

* and More!

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2. Bachelor vs Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This has become a mainstay when it comes to bachelor and bachelorette parties probably for the past 10 years.  The typical and stereotypical bachelor and bachelorette party is mostly going away, and fun alternatives are replacing it. So what is going on? Well now the bachelor and bachelorette parties are getting fused together and everybody is celebrating the couples big day.  So with that said the battle of the sexxes are taking a competitive spin with the bachelor and his groomsmen vs the bride and her an all out drag out fun bachelor vs bachelorette scavenger hunt experience before the big day!

Cashunt’s Bachelor vs Bachelorette Dash!

* Just like before this should be a staple in your scavenger hunt is the photo scavenger hunt

* Trivia about the bride and the groom, where the bride's team will be answering questions about the bride and the groom's team will be answer questions about him *** note: this is the only challenge that the couple can not participate in

* A missing item challenge where the bride and grooms team will individually will be searching for something that is related to the bride and groom.  

* Fun video scavenger hunt challenges ie:tango with a stranger, public conga line, etc

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3. Wedding Party Race Scavenger Hunt

 In this case this is a game where both families can play and get to know each other it's a great ice breaker especially where both families might not know each other.  Now of course it should not be family vs family scavenger hunt, that defeats the purpose of this game. You should mix both families into multiple teams that way they can get to know each other during their 2 hr adventure. This type of game is something perfect for all ages.  So why not a little fun family competition before the couple ties the knot.

Cashunt’s Wedding Party Race

*Of course the photo scavenger hunt list

* The team video challnges are always a big hit!

*10 questions about the couple

* The zippo round where we physically hide random high points around the area for teams to retrieve.

* Optical illusion photos challenges

* Trivia about the area for points, especially if you are having the game in the downtown area showcasing spots and land marks.

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4. Virtual Bachelorette Party Games

Now with current events there are also new alternatives when it comes to bachelorette party games, in the form of interactive, customized, and zany virtual bachlorette games.  These new virtual games that we have offered lately have been a hit because, they still have the element of the classic Cashunt Bridal Dash Game with a virtual twist.

Not only will players receive their classic Cashunt customized game materials that we have always provided, but the games will now be scored in realtime via an app that will complement the physical game materials.  So as you are playing you can see how you are scoring as well as the other teams. That way it provides our players with even more of that premium Bridal Dash Game experience that our bachlorette parties have enjoyed for the past 20 years!  The great thing about our virtual games are that they can be played any where on the planet and it’s still customized around the bride.

We also have another version of the game where your guests can play remotely from their area, in case they can’t travel.  If you need more detailed information about this game this link will bring you there.  Cashunt’s Virtual Bachelorette Game!

So hopefully this helps you with some fun wedding party scavenger hunt ideas! They are always fun, however if you are looking for a professional approach and have us arrange something for you please let us know.