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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!


10 Classic Outdoor “Kids” Games

           10 Classic Outdoor “Kids” Games

These games are great for family reunions alumni weekend in general large scale events. A perfect alternative to classic backyards games that can be played by all ages and are a lot of fun and comical! So I get outside as we list out 10 of the best and classic Classic Outdoor “Kids” Games that everyone can play!

Wheel Barrel Race

One player is in plank position his partner holds his ankles. Together they run for the finish line one player “running“ on his hands, the other holding his legs. First pair their wins.

Egg In The Spoon Race

Players balance an egg in a spoon and run. First person to The finish line with a non-dropped, intact egg wins.

Three Legged Race

In pairs, players stand side-by-side and bind their inside legs together with a belt or strip of cloth. Thus attached, the dash to the finish line. First pair their wins.

Back to Back Race

Pears hook arms at the elbows while standing back to back and then run. First pair to the finish line wins.


Divide players into two teams. One team has one shot to try to hit someone on the other team, thereby eliminating them. If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower is out. Regardless, the other team now has a chance to throw the ball. First team to eliminating all its opponents wins.


One player whispers a sentence -preferably a silly or outrageous sentence- into the ear of a neighbor. The neighbor whispers the sentence to her neighbor, and so on until it goes around a circle. The (now) garbled sentence is compared to the original, to great hilarity.

Simon Says

One player is Simon. He instructs the players to do some action, like “rub your tummy“, prefaced by “Simon says.“ Players must do that action: rub their tummies. If Simon does not practice the command with “ Simon says“ players should not follow the command. Anyone who messes up is out.

Red Light, Green Light

One person is “it“ and turns his back on others, who line up at least 25 paces behind him. It may call out “green light!“ Given the other players permission to advance. Or it may call out “red light,“ and spin around; if It catches anyone moving, that player must go back to the starting line. The first person to touch “It“ wins.

Mother, May I?

One player is Mother. The rest of the players start about 20 paces away from Mother. One by one, players ask permission to move toward mother, saying, “Mother, may I take three giant steps (or two baby steps, or whatever) forward?”Mother either grants permission or denies it. The first person to touch mother wins.

Red Rover

Two teams stand about 20 feet apart. Players join hands and face the other teams. One team calls out, “Red rover, red rover, send (so and so ) over!”. (substituting the name of a player for “so and so“). That player must run toward the other team and try to break through their link hands. If he is successful, he returns to his team; if he’s not, he’s absorbed into the opposing team. Teams take turns calling out; once one team has absorbed another, the game is over.

Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing better than a good old scavenger hunt. This classic game can be played anywhere you like it to be in any type of variation from city scavenger hunt to your neighborhood. These types of games involve everybody and not only can it be adventurous but also comical.

So there you have it classic outdoor kids games that we think would be a great addition to play in your backyard with family and friends and of course practicing social distancing. Now that we are coming to the end of our summer and into the fall these types of games Are perfect to play outdoors before the winter approaches. Have fun :-) If you want to learn more about our scavenger hunts click here!