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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!

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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!


10 Creative Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Scavenger hunts have always been popular for decades and the evolution of the scavenger hunt has indeed grown. However the concept still stays the same :)  It's never been easier to organize and run a photo scavenger hunt as part of a team building, educational, or recreational event. Being a scavenger hunt game producer for 20 years creating premium games, the creative process never ends..and that’s the best part!    I have provided a small list of some that have resulted in my favourite photo submissions through the years.

Wedding Crashers: If you happen to notice a couple / family taking their wedding photos ask if you can take a picture with the wedding party.  Not only will it make for some cool points, but a great conversational piece!

Optical Illusion: Be creative with your team by creating an optical illusion, this is done by positioning your players before taking the photo. I.E: A team member holding the rest of the team in their hand

Public Art:  Cities have amazing street / public art on display, utilize those areas

Social Distancing: Have the team be creative in a photo of an example social distancing.

Mid Air: One of my favroite photos, capture the team as they jump in an animated way. Makes for some cool photos

Paparazzi:  You never know who you might run into, always place in your game “Picture with a celebrity” when that adds to the excitement. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens ;)

Sign Says: Do exatly what the street sign says

Street Performer:  Cities have some amazing street performers, take a photo with them 

The Old Switch: Have two team members switch clothing

Game Pieces: If there is a labaryth in your area have the team on the “maze” and act like game pieces

Have Fun and start creating! However if you would like explore our premium scavenger hunt game library click the below

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