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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!

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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!


Cashunt Virtual / Remote Scavenger Hunt Games

Cashunt Virtual / Remote Scavenger Hunt Games

Save money on post game expenses.

Cashunt's online scavenger hunts take away the headaches involved in post game expenses (lunch, dinner, drinks etc.) Especially if you are working with a smaller budget. Plus now in the shirt term where there is less and less of business travel, colleagues can participate from the comfort of their own homes anywhere in the world!

Showcase originality improvising & individual expression.

In-person scavenger hunts encourage players to use their surroundings as they would in a typical physical gathering with shared submissions, from player to player. This platform allows players to think outside-of-the-box and utilize items / locations inside and outside of their homes and neighborhoods, and even complete missions with different cultural perspectives. Basically showcasing their area when it comes to their teammates, and eventually becoming great conversational pieces

Your audience can be anywhere on the planet!

With the introduction of virtual / remote gaming, where it was once impossible is now possible!  That is what is fantastic with remote games.  So it doesn't matter if your players are in California, Italy, Holland, Quebec, or Dallas everyone can still be interactive and enjoy the game experience...Note: Double check on time zones, use Eastern Standard Time zone as the "neutral" zone

Play and Observe.

For years the excitement of in-person scavenger hunts is being among the chaos of players running around in a city together and they still are.  However with remote games it brings the game to a different level

Players for the most part will be able to see via the activity feed, a. how they are scoring b. how the other team is scoring and c. most of the submissions from the other team(s) So it becomes a bit of a spectator sport as well as strategic game play!

Everyone is responsible of the fate of their team ;) .

A traditional scavenger hunt experience would entail a group of 8 or 10 players on a team with one holding the booklet and the other the camera.  The great thing with remote games, is that everyone for the most part can be given assignments. ie: Mary you take care of the trivia questions, John and Sue you take care of the photo submissions, and Karen and Maria you take care of the video submissions.  Everyone is part of the process.

Customization of the game is always highly reccomended.

When the game is customized it really makes the game more personal, comedic, and memorable.  Cashunt has always recommended to include inside jokes and memories it always brings a great conversations after the game as well as rekindle some good past memories!

Your inner creative will be exposed.

Cashunt's virtual/remote scavenger hunts are played indoors  at home, which showcase players' improvisation and performative skills as they submit missions to their realtime game, that experience alone is the price of admission alone!

End of the game recap.

Not only will your coordinator provide a end of the game recap through zoom, we with communication with our client will arrange prizes to our winners

Interested in learning more about our virtual /remote games?  Feel free and click here and it will bring you to our virtual game section.