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Customized BOSTON:


Scavenger Hunts!

The Ultimate Boston Bachlorette Party Scavenger Hunt!

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CASHUNT's Bridal Dash has been a Top Reviewed and Ranked Boston Bachelorette Party  Scavenger Hunt Game for the past 23 Seasons, and one of the best Boston bachelorette party ideas today! Our Customized Boston Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt takes place all within the cool location of Historic Boston and is a 2hr City Hunt Game Experience!

If you are looking for something comically competitive and fun to do in Boston for a scavenger hunt bachelorette party we got you covered. We guarentee that you and your guests will have stories to share after your bachelorette game experience ;)

The Game Experience:

That Contains 5 Random Bonus Rounds:

· A Boston Photo Scavenger Hunt

·Customized Trivia About The Bride

·A Custom Bridal Mystery Hunt

·A Bonus Boston Treasure Hunt

. Comical Video Challenges

. and Some Secret Challenges

All Games Include:

**. Customized Game Materials

**·(Cashunt Customized Game Booklet, Custom Team Badges With Team Name On It, Pens )

. Interactive Complimentary Game App

. Real Time Scoring

. Prizes (Premium Cashunt Medals)

. On site Cashunt Game Producer

. All the pictures and videos are


Start Location & Price

We Start & End at: * In front of the Former Location of the Hard Rock Cafe at Faneuil Hall Dock Square Garage 22-24 Clinton Street

 **Your group gets split into teams

**Minimum Players Needed In Your Group

To Play is  6

Price Per Player:        $39.99pp

over 10 players and the bride plays for FREE!

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What is a Cashunt Bridal Dash Scavenger Hunt?

A. Cashunt’s Bridal Dash Game Experience is an outdoor game activity that combines an digital submissions via a scavenger app as with practical game materials, to give you the ultimate customized bachelorette scavenger hunt experience. The object to the game is to collect as many points as you can by doing the variety of comically competetive challenges within the given time in order to win our Seasonal Collectible Cashunt medals. Memories will be made at every step :)

Do you need to know the area in order to play?

A. All our games are out of state friendly and is also on foot. With that said you do not need to know the area to play.

Is The Game Clean?

A. Absolutely! All our games are comically competitive customized bachelorette game experiences. For all Ages 18 and Up

How far of a radius does it cover?

A. Downtown Portsmouth NH

How do you break up the Teams?

A. Very simple anything under 16 players (2 Teams) after that every 8 players we create additional teams

How much in advance do we need to contact you in order to reserve a game?

A. The sooner the better, we tend to get very busy. We normally need a couple of weeks in advance so we can start customization of your game.

How Long does it take you to tabulate the scores?

A. The Results are pretty quick within 10 minutes after the game we will go with a quick recap of the game, annouce the results and hand the Cashunt Season Medals to our Winners!

 Are There Prizes?

A. Absolutely! Our Collectible Premium Cashunt Annual Season Medals

It indicates we get all the photos and videos...Are they Free?

A. We wouldn't have it anyway :) Absolutely Free for Download and Sharing and are up for 3 Months!!

What if the weather is not cool?

A. All our games are played rain or shine or you can reschedule. If the Weather is indeed extreme ie: Storm, Extreme Cold, etc you can cancel and recieve your deposit back. **Deposits are only refunded on extreme weather conditions

Is there a deposit?

A. Yes the Depsoit is of $80 (Counts for 2 players) Remainder of the bill is collected at the end of the game on game day.

What if one of my guests can not attend?

No worries just indicate that to your assigned game coordinator day of and they will make the adjustment on your final invoice :)

Create Your Cashunt Bridal Dash Game Team Shirt

Customized Bachelorette Shirts

Make Your Team Shirt :)

Do you want to add

Bachelorette Team shirts

to your game?

Now you can create your custom bachelorette scavenger hunt game shirt. It’s super easy! You can place the bride’s name in front and your team name on the back. Then you are ready to compete

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