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                                        CASHUNT  FAQ

Q. What is a Cashunt?

A.Cashunt is a multigame event that pits you in a 2 Hour adventure competition that provides, fun, laughs, strategy, and great memories!  We have games for any type of event you are having either social or corporate or just something different to do with friends and family. At the end of the day it will be something your group will be talking for months to come...we Guarantee It!

Q. Where do you play it?

A. It can be played in any of our available cashunt cities Boston(Historical Boston, Back Bay, Harvard Sq) , Salem ma, Charleston SC, Philadelphia, NYC, Chicago, and soon to be in Toronto Canada

Q. How is the game played?

A.  The game is played on foot but is in a very controlled area so that way you are not exhausted at the end of the game.  We find by playing on foot the game is experienced at it’s best.

Q. How many versions are there?

  A. We have many versions for this game for any type of event you might be hosting or just something to do  on the weekend.  We  have a game for everyone!

Q.  How much is it?

 A. Prices vary depending on the game. Most social games for adults is $39.99 per person, Corporate Games $49. per person, under 18 $29.99per person, Field Trips range $25 per students/campers

Q. Are there prizes?

  A. We provide prizes (really cool collectable cashunt medals!) as well as all the photos and videos from your event on a private password site are FREE!!

Q. What if the weather is bad?

  A. If we see that the weather is going to be bad for that day, we will give you the option to either cancel, postpone, or go with it. (we have done it rain on shine many times. but that is up to the client)  If you decide to cancel due to weather, your deposit will be refunded back. if it’s a straight cancelation not due to weather your deposit will not be refunded but grandfathered in for another game 


Q. How much in advance do we need to contact you in order to reserve a game?

A. The sooner the better, we tend to get very busy.  We can pull last minute games but normally we need a few weeks in advance so we can start customization of your game.


Q. Are all the games private games?

  A. yes all of the games are private, we will be holding public games down the road but not as of yet


Q. Are there Minimums?

  A. Yes the typical minimum for each game is 8 if it is a teambuilding , organization, fundraiser, or field trip that number is higher.  Please consult with a game coordinator as to what that number is.

Q. Are you Hiring?

A. Yes we are just go to our jobs center and see what is available!

If you have more questions please e-mail us.  Thanks!


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