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Cashunt's Smaht Hunt Smartphone Game

Detailed Information

We Start & End at: *In The City Of Your Choice

· The Game Is All Conducted Via Your Smartphone Via The App we Provide

· Your Group Is Split Into Teams

· Game Radius:1 Mile From The Start Location

· It is a 2hr Game Experience In Real Time

. A Game Coordinator is available in realtime t throughout the time of the game

 **Your group gets split into teams

General Games                                $29.99pp

Custom Games please call our office


Now in our 19th year ! Cashunt's Smartphone Scavenger Hunt Experience is the ultimate  scavenger hunt competition that also offers 5 different fun, funny, and competitive Bonus Rounds all in one fun game experience.  All our games take place in the heart of your city and utilizes all it’s surrounding areas anywhere on the planet!  Cashunt's Dash Hunt brings fun, laughs, and memories that we are sure your guests will be talking about for a long time to come!  Winners get premium Cashunt collective medals and everyone gets all the photos and videos from the event for FREE!!

2 hour multigame scavenger | Prizes (Cool Annual Season Cashunt Medals!) |

Cashunt Online Guide(s) | All the pictures and videos are FREE!!

**Minimum Players Needed In Your Group  To Play is 8 **Your group gets split into teams

Cashunt’s General Games are Scavenger Hunts

that contains 5 random bonus rounds:

       Multi Item Photo Scavenger Hunt  | A Location (can Be Customized) Trivia challenge |

                                   A Custom Mystery Hunt |Video Dash Challenge


                          LET'S PLAY!!

Welcome To Cashunt's Smart Phone Game Experience!