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Welcome To Season 20!

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The Ultimate Louisville KY Scavenger Hunt Experience!

Now In Our 20th Season!

CASHUNT's Louisville Mad Dash Has been a Top Reviewed and Ranked Louisville Scavenger Hunt Experience for the past 20 Seasons! Cashunt's Louisville Mad Dash is the ultimate premium Louisville scavenger city hunt hunt experience in the cool and hip area of Louisville Ky! The Louisville Mad Dash has always been a perfect fun activity for all types of events (teambuilding, school field trips, family gatherings or just something fun to do with friends and colleagues). The end result has always been that your guests will be talking about your game experience for years to come! If you are looking for something that is fun, funny and competitive for all ages..look no further!

Cashunt’s Louisville Mad Dash is a Scavenger Hunt

contains 5 random bonus rounds:

· Multi Item PhotoScavenger Hunt)

· A Louisville Trivia Challenge

· A Mystery Louisville Hunt

· The Zippo Point Bonus Round

. 6 Item Video Dash

. and some Secret Challenges

All Games Include:

. 2 hour multigame scavenger

. Customized Game Materials

. Cameras

. Prizes (Cashunt Medals)

. Cashunt Guide(s)

. All the pictures and videos are FREE T0 YOU & YOUR GUESTS!!

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Cashunt Louisville KY Detailed Information

We Start & End at: * Fourth Street Area

. A Game Coordinator is online throughout the time of the game

 **Your group gets split into teams

**Minimum Players Needed In Your Group

To Play is  8

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