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Planning Your 2022 Bachelorette Parties

2022 Bachelorette Party Tips & Ideas

What does the "bachelorette forecast" look in 2022? Well, I believe we are in a much better situation then where we were a year ago. The reason is with the roll out of the vaccines becoming more and more of a reality and things slowly opening up the planning process is starting to heat up..however do not underestimate the bachelorette party planning process in 2022.

As I mentioned before a lot of 2020 weddings got pushed to 2022 which means that as strange as it might sound there is going to be a lot of overlapping of weddings.  Just to fit 2020 & 2021 wedding into one year it going to be interesting & bachelorette parties will be in the same position as well. So here are a few things to do if indeed you are the planner of the bachelorette party.

Take advantage of deals!! Go to a or an Airbnb and see what deals you may find...I guarantee you will find many.  The reason obviously is they need your business as they need to attract customers back to slowly recover.  With that said always know you will not be the only person doing this, so don't be surprised if there are a lot of sell outs.  The typical bachelorette party plan out is 1 to 3 months...I would start planning a lot earlier to that. IE: Recently a hotel in the heart of NYC that was typically $300 a night was $80.00 a night.  That was eye opening!

Once you find where you are staying the next realistic step would be talk with the concierge.. ask them what's going on in the city you have chosen. They will clearly give you a realtime update.  Keep in mind there are a lot of places that are gone because of the pandemic...BUT a lot of new places are popping up. My advice is do not fully rely onto the internet as to "what is still around" because that page might be out dated, it's best to talk to someone in the know.

In conclusion a lot of people have asked me about indoor or virtual bachlorette parties and my thoughts about it.  With that said in today's world I get it completely and we have hosted virtual bridal dash games throughout the past 11 months.  However as fun as they are being with friends and family on a virtual bachelorette's best to wait it out and plan an in person gathering. Clearly it has a better effect and let's be honest it's more memorable.  Just be safe and do your home work!  Happy planning your bachlorette party I am sure it will work out great!! :)

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