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We have been producing our Cashunt games for bachelorette parties in the city of Boston for the past 21 years and is where this amazing journey began.  Boston has a lot to offer and it is by far one of the best cities to visit in the United States. So, with that being said if you're ever planning on visiting Boston to host your bachelorette party  let me provide you with some must-go locations, after your Cashunt Bridal Dash customized scavenger hunt experience

Historic Boston

Historic Boston is by far the most visited location in Massachusetts. It consists of classic historic locations like the Faneuil Hall area where you will find some cool and historic pubs and restaurants that hold a very Boston flavor to them. Right down the street you can also treat yourself to a nice warm cup of clam chowder at the Union Oyster House as well as having a pint at a very popular and historic pub called "The Point". Across the street from Faneuil Hall, you will find my favorite place and that is the historic North End.

  The North End can also be considered the Little Italy of Boston, which hosts fantastic and delicious bakeries, bistro's, and restaurants. It is the closest thing to Europe in Boston, but like I've always said there is the North end, and then there's Boston. The neighborhood for the most part has not changed, and its flavor is shown via its residents and its atmosphere. Now with their outdoor dining experience, it now provides a very European charm to it  

The Back Bay

The Back Bay is with many would like to call the contemporary part of Boston. It is in someways and it is not in others, because it does have a lot of historic Boston within it. You definitely would like to visit the Boston common as well as the beautiful Public Garden. Don't forget that if you do go to the Public Garden you need to take a Swan Boat Ride, or your Public Garden experience will not be complete. ;)

If you want to shop in Boston well the Back Bay is one of the most visited shopping destinations in the city. It is a bit of a rodeo drive, but there's something there for everyone. Outside of shopping there is a lot to see you can see in the Back Bay,and they have a wide variety of cool restaurants on Newbury Street and Boylston Street.    

    You also have the newly developed Seaport area that has several of the top restaurants in Boston..but it is pricey.

So there you have it, my two cents about the city of Boston! Hopefully I provided you with a good little start when you visit our fair city. If you ever want information about our premium Boston bachelorette scavenger hunt experiences click the link below and it will provide you with information about our games that take place in Historic Boston, The Back Bay, and our Harvard Square location. Thanks and enjoy Boston!

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