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The Return Of Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities vs Virtual Activities

Outdoor Activities are Back! Finally!

Going outside for an activity seems like it was years ago with what the pandemic, with the uncertainty of the future.  A year later we now have a better idea of what the future looks like with the consistant roll out of vaccines and consumer confidence, which is a breath of fresh air. However we still need to be cautious for the short term but it also means we can have outdoor fun again!

  For months the talking heads as well as society were always talking about how disruptions into daily life will most likely be a "new part of life" (ie: working from home, zoom communications, etc). The conversations were that these disruptions might become permanent.  The truth is from what we can see, it's slowly becoming the opposite.  Some people like working from home and many "Can't Wait" to get out of the house.  We are social beings and need to eventually see one another in the flesh rather through a monitor. The question arises  into something that we are very familiar with and that is outdoor game activities vs virtual games.


   We do offer virtual games of course , and they have been very well received.  However I can't lie to you...there is nothing better than in-person outdoor activities.  I found the turn of virtual "cocktail parties, trivia night, indoor scavenger hunts, watching parties,etc" were a cool trend because we all had no choice. But it got tired real fast, especially later in 2020, there was an abundance of virtual games that made it very saturated. Virtual games are fun but they are limited, real places where you can physically experience locations, people, and surroundings are much more attractive and can't be replaced with a screen.  

    With that said as we are now in our 21st year and we have noticed with the calls coming in, the inquiries are changing.  Last year the inquiries that were coming in were 80% indoor virtual games and 20% outdoor activities. Now I am happy to say as the writing of this blog (March 2021) it's 90% Outdoor and 10% Indoor inquiries, which brings a smile to our faces. Just like many we were very nervous in 2020 if outdoor activities would be a thing of the past...the truth is it is back!  As the months continue to move forward and we follow the rules, we can all have some outdoor fun again.

    With that said when you go out it's important to support small business in the form of mom and pop boutiques, cafes/restaurants, services, etc.  There are many that fell victim to the pandemic, however there are several in your home town still standing. So it is important to support them, it doesn't matter if it's a $2 cup of coffee or $20 shirt, anything counts.

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