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What Is A Good Name For Your Team?

Scavenger Hunt Team Name Ideas

We must get this question asked so many after a client of ours has booked their Cashunt game experience, and that you have any ideas for team names?  When it comes to team names it is really easy because it reflects the identity of your team.  So before you know it, you will have so many listed out, that it might be tricky as to what would fit best ;)

When you think of your team...think of it's members that are a part of it..are they sports fans? (The Fanatics)  Are they wine drinkers (Winos) Are they big Star Wars fans ( The Rebels or Team Vader) Are they beach goers (The Beach Bums) the options are endless and many times very comical when it comes to selecting you scavenger hunt team name

The most boring thing I have ever seen when it comes to team names are the following (Team A..., Team Red..., Team Three...). Really? Since we print the team names on the Cashunt bags, game booklets, and team tags, and we see that..we send those suggestions back and ask for something original, and help the client out with some suggestions.  Let's say you are a family and you are challenging another family a simple example would be (Team Gallagher vs Team Papas) the ideas are again endless.

It only takes a few minutes, bust a piece of paper out and start brainstorming..and I guarantee you will have developed more team names than you can imagine.

But if you need help we are here to provide some suggestions :)

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