If you have some to say..write about it!


The one thing that amazes me is that there is so much talent out there and people have so much to say which is beneficial to many..however the zipper has not removed from their lips.  My question to that is WHY?!  Does it come down to confidence, self awareness, or just being lazy?  I don't know honestly. However my suggestion to you is that if you believe in your inner monologue that you have  something to say that would benefit someone else...well what are you waiting for?! Start today.


     The truth is, there is so many tools out there in the form of blog and podcast platforms you can create to get your message across and most of them are free!  If you want to start a blog you can use Blogger or Wordpress or if you want to start your podcast use Anchor which requires no equipment just your cell phone.  Sounds great right?! This is the point where you get excited and the adrenaline starts to pump...then out of the blue... you slow down and start pressing the breaks..why?  The reason why is because the next "debbie downer" comment becomes "no one is going to listen or read my content because there is just so much content out there already".  My answer is ok...but have you tried?  You never know unless you have tried it. 

     My suggestion is once you have set up your platform, first get organized.  Start off with a topic schedule for the month of what you know.  Start off with four a month (one a week) for starters, that way you know what you want to talk or write about.  Podcast should be not be more than 10 minutes and a blog should be no less than a thousand words. Now that is usually the suggested amount but if you go under it, don't worry just as long as you are placing your thoughts in the world..that's all that counts.

   Now the one thing I would not recommend is do not see how many readers / listeners you have because that might discourage you, but don't let it.   The truth is, it will grow within time and don't be afraid to share it on your social media platforms.  You should consider your blog/podcast as a weekly journal entry that you are throwing out in the world.  Always remember the world is large and someone out there wants to hear what you have to say.  Never forget that.   Your content is not really about you it's about them and sharing what you know.

   The next thing that usually get's asked.. "Can I make this as a side hustle?" Truth is yes, however down the road.  First you need to establish yourself and create a community and then at that point you can go onto Adwords (Free) and place ads onto you blog / or sponsors on your podcast.  First thing is first don't take your eye off the ball and start off for free and again once you have your community then you can cross that bridge.  It's no different when it comes to speaking engagements when you start out , you do it for free without any form of monetization.  Later down the road once you establish yourself then you can ask for a speaking fee.   Remember it's about sharing your knowledge and the good word that slowly becomes a side hustle and possibly a career.

    So in  conclusion devote one day a week maybe for an hour and express your thoughts in whatever platform you decide to use.  Once you do than you are off to the races!  A lot of the platforms also have a scheduling tool where you can schedule your entries to post when ever you like.  So if you have the time you can bust out a couple of blog / podcast entries in one day and schedule them during the month, then you are a head of the game.  Best of luck and if your lips are zipped...time to unzip them :)