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**One of the best gifts is the gift of game! So why not a Cashunt Scavenger Hunt Experience! Cashunt has been a top reviewed scavenger hunt company for the past 20 seasons.  Our games are simply designed to bring a fun and comedically competetive city hunt experience for your friends nad or loved ones. It will be a memorable experience that we are sure your group will be talking about for years to come!

** Not Valid for Boston Ma, Salem Ma, and Portsmouth NH

(Gift reciepents need to book their game no later two weeks prior to their game so we can send them out their game materials)

Cashunt Is A Scavenger / City Hunt

That Contains 5 Random Bonus Rounds:

. A Photo City Scavenger Hunt

· A Trivia Bonus Round

· A Mystery Hunt

· A Virtual Location Treasure Hunt

. 6 Item Comical Video Challenge Dash

. and A Couple Secret Challenges ;)

All Games Include:

. 2 hour multigame scavenger hunt

**. Customized Game Materials

**·(Each team recieves a Cashunt reference game book, cashunt team badges with team name on it , instructions)

. Prizes (Premium Cashunt Medals)

. Cashunt Online Coordinator

. All the pictures and videos are


The Customized Package You Will Recieve Below

* Cell Phone Not Included ;)

Suggested Area: The Downtown Area Of Your City

. A Game Coordinator is online throughout the time of the game

 **Your group gets split into teams 2 or 3 Teams

Cashunt Seattle Packages

6 to 12 Players     $180.00

13 to 17 Players   $260.00

18 to 21 Players  $360.00

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