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        Let Us Create Your Customized Teambuilding Game!

For the past 18 Seasons we have provided customized premium multi-gamed scavenger hunt experiences to hundreds of companies, big and small.  The results have always lead to very positive reviews as well as top rankings on tripadvisorand yelp.  We are now providing customized DIY Teambuilding game packets that you can host in your desired city***  

*** The cities that are not valid for this product are Boston, Philadelphia, Portsmouth NH, Chicago, Louisville KY, and Charleston SC

We will provide you with everything you will need in order to host your game!

Customized Game Bags With Your Team Name on it

Customized Game Booklets (One per team)

Customized Name Tags

Host Copy With Scoring

Cashunt Bonus Coins

6 Cashunt Premium Medals To The Winners

Instructions and Customer Service

(Note Customization is Due 3 weeks prior to your event)

For More Information On This Product Please Feel free and Call us Directly



      Cashunt’s DYI is a Scavenger Hunt

  contains 5 bonus rounds:

· Multi Item Item Photo Scavenger Hunt

· A Cutomized Company Trivia challenge

· A CompanyMystery Item Hunt

· The Coin Rush Bonus Round

· 6 Item Video Dash

. and Some Secret Challenges ;)


There is no particular order of the game, any portion can be played at anytime during the 2hrs.

Cashunt DIY

     TEAMBUILDING GAME          

$175 per team

(required 2 team min per game 5 to 6 player per team)