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Virtual Indoor Game Experiences!

Cashunt's Virtual Indoor Games have been a popular alternative in the current social distancing environment we are currently in.  The great thing about our remote virtual scavenger hunts is that they can be played anywhere and are scored in realtime, so not only will you know how you are scoring during the game but as well as your competition.

We have two games that we currently offer House vs House and Neighborhood vs Neighborhood! Click the game of choice below and it will provide you all the information you need!  Now challenge your family or friends and

Challenge Your Family & Friends!

Our Popular Hit Game House vs House is the Perfect Game Night Game Where You Can Challenge Your Families or Friends Near Or Far!

The Ultimate Neighborhood Game!

This is a game where you can challenge your friends and familes from neighborhoods near and far in this real time.



Chris is here to tell you about our Virtual Remote games that can be played anywhere in the United States and Canada! Great for a social game, team building, family game, birthday party and more!

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