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Quick 90min Virtual Scavenger Hunt Expriences!

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**If you are looking for a quick scavenger hunt experience for your friends to play, look no further!  Our new 2 Team / 90min realtime game expereices can be played in a any city and is a fully interactive scavenger hunt experience!

** Not Valid for Boston Ma, Salem Ma, and Portsmouth NH

(Please Give Us 48hrs To Set Up & Schedule Your Virtual Game!)

Let's Play!

CASHUNT's has been a Top Reviewed and Ranked Hybrid Scavenger Hunt Game for the past 23 Seasons, and one of the best hybrid scavenger hunt ideas today! This particular version is a smaller game experience compared to our other Cashunt games but just as fun!

You will be provided with with game materials for each team (*2 teams / we ask there should be no more than 8 players to a team)  

All submissions will be made with a companion app that all scoring will be in realtime where both teams will know how they are scoring within the 90 min of game play!  

This version is a game where it can be rain or shine or can be rescheduled within a

12 month span

The Game Experience:

That Contains 3 Random Bonus Rounds:

· A Photo Scavenger Hunt

·A Trivia Challenge

. Comical Video Challenges

All Games Need To Be Scheduled!

Games Start At The Top Of Each Hour From 10am to 2pm

All Games Include:

**A PDF Of The Game Materials On For Each Team (2 Teams)

**·(The PDF Will Be Sent via Email)

. A Compimentary Companion App For All Submissions

.. Online Cashunt Game Coordinator  (realtime)

*Game Instructions

**. All the pictures and videos are


** They Will Be Sent Via Email On A Private Link With 24 hrs and are up for 1 Month

Start Location & Price

Suggested Start Location: * Your Downtown Area of Your Major City

2 Team 90 min

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