Our Cashunt Boston Wedding Party Games have has been our anchor games for the past 20 years and was the series that started it all!  All our games provide a fully customized game experience that will bring fun, laughs, and great memories for you and your guests to alway remember.  So if it's the ultimate bachelorette party battle in the classic Bridal Dash  or Bachelor Dash game experience or a battle before the alter between the bride and groom's team in the Bachelor vs Bachelorette Dash, right down to a Wedding Party Battle Royale in Cashunt's Wedding Party Race...we have something for everyone!

So come out and play with us, sit back and enjoy the game experience..before the big event!

Wedding Party Related Game Experiences!

Choose Your Wacky  Wedding Party  Game Experience!

It's Bride vs Groom in this ultimate battle of sexes before they tie the knot.  Who will win Team Bride or Team Groom? A Fully Customized Duel Game Event

Before the Wedding Parts start celebrating the couples big day...why not compete against each other for the ultimate wedding party scavenger hunt throwdown!

The Ultimate 2hr Bachelor Party Game Event, that mixes an Amazing Race type of Game with a funny Scavenger Hunt Experience in The City Of Your Choice!

Our Classic Bachelorette Competition That Started It all!  Are You Looking To Laugh, Compete, Have Fun and Create Great Memories?  Look No Further!





Wedding Party Games!