Cashunt's Bachelor Dash has been one our anchor games for the past 20 years, it was the game that started it all and have hosted to hundreds upon hundreds of bachelor parties!  The Bachelor Dash provides a fully customized premium bachelor game experience that will bring fun, laughs, and great memories for you and your guests  The game is comical, competitive, and clean given it's 5 zany customized challenges that you and your guests will be participating in. With that said we are confident you all will be sharing stories from your experience for years to come :)

    So come out and play with us, sit back and enjoy the game experience..before the Groom's big day!

Bachelor Dash Locations

Click on the city of your choice to play your Customized Bachelor Scavenger Hunt Game Experience!



Faneuil Hall Area



Downtown Salem



Downtown Portsmouth NH


Millenium Park / Theater District


Downtown Charleston



Wynwood Walls / N.Miami


Waterfront / Thames St



CASHUNT's Bachelor Dash Has been a Top Reviewed and Ranked Bachelor Party Game for the past 19 Seasons!  Cashunt's Bachelor Dash is the ultimate customized premium Boston bachelor scavenger hunt that we are sure your guests will be talking about for years to come!  If you are looking for something that is fun, funny and competitive for all ages..look no further

Cashunt's Bachelor Dash is your Experience!

Cashunt’s Bachelor Dash is a Scavenger Hunt

  contains 5 random bonus rounds:

· Multi Item Photo Scavenger Hunt)

· A Customized Bachelor Trivia challenge

· A Custom Bachelor  Hunt

· The Zippo Point Bonus Round

. 6 Item Video Dash

. and Some Secret Challenges

All Games Include:

. 2 hour multigame scavenger

. Customized Game Materials

. Cameras

. Prizes (Cashunt Medals)

. Cashunt Guide(s)

. All the pictures and videos are FREE T0 YOU & YOUR GUESTS!!

   Q. Do you need to know the given city in order to play?

A. Nope! All our games are out of state friendly and have catered to clients from out of the state as well as internationally

Q. How far of a radius does it cover?

A. Roughly a one mile radius from the start location * All on foot no need for public transit

Q. How do you break up the Teams?

A. Very simple anything under 16 players (2 Teams) after that every 8 players we create additional teams

Q. Will you send us materials prior to the game?

A. Yes, we will send you specific instructions to your private Hollywood Bachelorette Game along with Team Tags that will have your custom team names on them as well as premium Cashunt Medals to the winners

Q. It indicates we get all the photos and videos...Are they Free?

A. We wouldn't have it anyway :) Absolutely FREE for Download and Sharing and are up for 3 Months!!

Q. Do we need to book in advance?

A. yes, we recommend that for all our games. All games which includes this smartphone version need to be scheduled.

Q. Is there a deposit?

A. Yes, that is deducted from the final bill remainder is due a day prior to your game

Q. What if the weather is not cool?

A. We don't pay attention to the 5 or 7 day forecast however we do look at it 24 hrs prior.  If the weather is not looking favorable it's up to you (Play, Reschedule, or possibly cancel) Yes people have played in showers but that was on their own decision

Cashunt Bachelor Dash Scavenger General Information

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